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"Don't Say You're Hot When You're Not!"

I Love to Say I Love You     (lyrics)

Love Like Ours     (lyrics)

Don't Say You're Hot When You're Not     (lyrics)

Soft Shoe     (lyrics)

The Wheel of Life     (lyrics)

My Latin Love     (lyrics)

Rainbow of Dreams     (lyrics)

Fare Thee Well     (lyrics)

I Get So Angry     (lyrics)

No Regrets     (lyrics)

Summer, Summer     (lyrics)

Waiting For The Dawn     (lyrics)

My America     (lyrics)

Lady of the Harbor     (lyrics)

Hail! Alma Mater     (lyrics)

Tomorrow is Another Day     (lyrics)

"Fancy Free"

C'est La Vie (listen)

You Bring Out The Lover In Me (listen)

Follow The Swallow (listen)

Who Said (listen)

FANCY FREE (listen)

Wait For Me

There's Got to be a Reason for Spring (listen)

Walk Away

A Broken Heart

Friends Are We (listen)

Alone In Love


Daring Angels (listen)

Together Forever (listen)

Christmas Day Is Almost Here (listen)

Never Before (listen)

Head Over Heels

Bright Lights